Wrecked by Worship

One word…that’s all it took to wreck me this morning.

We had a wonderful worship service this morning. Everyone was singing, dancing, people were praying in tongues/their prayer language. Many times, though I love singing, I get distracted. But this morning, I was determined to stay focused on God…because its all about Him anyway.  We were on the last song. It was almost finished (or so I thought), and I dropped to my knees, once again in prayer.  Crying out to God in my heart, in my spirit…almost instantly, I heard one word.


Instantly I knew that my worship has not been what it should be. My Lord revealed to me that my worship, though it was okay, has not been fully realized, nor has it been what He desires.

We must worship in spirit and in truth (John 4:24)…but in order to do that, we must also know, live and breathe the Word. We must have the Holy Spirit.   Worship isn’t just about a sweet song or hymn to sing. Its not just about a casual prayer just because that’s the thing to do.

Our worship is a life that reflects the life of Jesus Christ!  Our worship is an outward expression of the Holy Spirit living in us.   Our worship should be that we reflect Christ in all that we think, all that we say and all that we do.  Anything that keeps us from doing this diminishes the life of Christ in us and therefore, we do not worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Today, Father God showed me that my actions, words and even my unspoken thoughts lately have not reflected His life in me. We are to take our very thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) and daily renew our minds (Romans 12:2). Why? Because if we do not, then wrong thoughts take hold in our minds. Those thoughts become habits, and habits become character.  And if His character is not reflected in mine, how is the world going to see Him?  How is the world going to see that there IS something different and special waiting for them?  How is the world going to see Jesus?   How are they going to know, without a shadow of a doubt that I worship the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Beloveds, the Father shook me to the core on this one today….so much so…I had to share it with you. Not to judge…but to try to help. Maybe you are struggling the same way I was. Maybe God is already speaking this to you, and this blog is your confirmation. I don’t know. I just knew it wasn’t just for me.  Won’t you join me in a new, old way to worship?  Not just by singing and praying, but by living a life that truly reflects Jesus Christ…and gives us the ability to worship as the Father desires…in spirit and in truth!

Let’s pray:

Father God:  I thank You Lord for your gentle discipline and instruction. Thank You for reminding me that our worship should be our whole lives…not just a song or a prayer.  You are faithful to reveal yourself to us right when we need You most. Your Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Help us, Father, to dig deeper into your Word, open our hearts wider to receive even more of You, and to have the faith to step out deeper into the water of your unfailing and never-ending love.  Your Word says that You will be with us through deep waters and difficult rivers and we will not drown. You will not allow the flames of oppression to consume us for You are the Lord our God, the Holy One of Israel…our SAVIOR (Is 43:2-3), and we stand on those promises Lord, as we step out to make our very lives our worship to You, Oh God! You get all the glory and praise and honor.  We pray in the Holy and Precious, Powerful Name of Jesus.  Amen.