Press On

I got schooled today.

Yep…just by walking. I got schooled in the art of pressing on. Mind you…this was during a 3-mile walk with my friend. But I was tired, and my knee hurt. And she wanted me to climb a hill. And I was hot…and thirsty. Did I mention she wanted me to climb a hill…twice…or was it three times?? I don’t remember.  I think the sweat dripping off me salt-cured my brain.

But the awesome thing is, she didn’t allow me to give up. She didn’t let me be or do “less than”. My Christ-sister encouraged me, told me to keep going…told me to keep pressing on just one more time.

What a lesson in our spiritual lives as well! How often do we get bogged down in the struggles of this world, and just want to give up?  Or maybe we get lazy in our worship or prayer time because the devil starts whispering it’s not worth it. However, the Holy Spirit whispers, “Press on.”  For me, I’ve been another step, maybe, beyond that. So…the Lord sent a sweet sister to shout to me, “Press on!”

Now granted, at the time, she didn’t realize her encouragement to keep climbing that hill was speaking to my soul as well as my physical body. I didn’t even know it at the time. However, the Lord is faithful to reveal things to us when we least expect them.

So I say to you:  Take one more step. Climb that small hill in front of you. All the while, lean on the encouragement of the Holy Spirit whispering (or sometimes shouting), “Press on!”


Let’s pray:
Father God, I thank  You for each person reading this right now. I pray that You would bless them in this moment. Keep sending Your Holy Spirit to remind us to keep pressing on and for strengthening us to do just that. May we nevermore fear anything that would try to keep us from pressing on. May we always remember that You, Father, uphold us with Your righteous right Hand! For Your Glory, Amen.