NSV?? oh….non-scale victory. now I got it.

I was reading some posts the other day on a lap-band forum and someone mentioned NSV’s.  I’m a newbie so I asked what it meant. Then the big “duh” landed on my forehead when I read that its a “non-scale victory”.

Whew…I’m glad it wasn’t some horrific side-effect of this lap-band thing.

So, now that NSV is a part of my vocabulary…I want to count some.

Last week I wore a pair of slacks that were a size smaller than my usual size.

I went shopping in my closet and found a blouse that I haven’t worn in two years because it had been too small. I love this blouse. My cousin Katie gave it to me and she had found the perfect shade of blue.

My rings are nowswirlingaround my fingers.

I’ve started cleaning out my closet of things I know I will never wear again.

And just five minutes ago…okay…maybe ten…I was able to take a pair of jeans (that were too tight just a month ago) and pull them down, over my hips, without unbuttoning or unzipping them. (Was that TMI?)

But even with all these NSV’s, I still am proud to say that, as of this morning, I’m down a total of 23 pounds in just 5 1/2 weeks!

I am so thankful that the Lord made a way for me to have this procedure done and that its working!

Trust me, this is no easy-way-out or a get-thin-quick scheme. However, it does force me to eat better things and forces me to eat smaller portions.  I still have to make the choices though. I still have to make myself stop eating at the right time.  I have to choose to take smaller bites and put my fork down between them.  I still have to get myself outta bed at 4AM to go to the gym. The lap-band surely does not do that for me!

So…no matter what…I will celebrate the victories, whether they are “scale” or not. 🙂

And when the trials and mistakes come along, I’ll learn from those and do better next time.  Isn’t that one of the things that life is about anyway?


2 thoughts on “NSV?? oh….non-scale victory. now I got it.

  1. Hi Chrissy! Thanks for liking my post (I have great joy). I noticed your ‘about’ comment and had to share that I started my blog for the same reasons. Confessing the truth in the face of fear is powerful! I still battle it, but God is doing great things :). Thanks for sharing your walk through faith and fear, and blessings on you today!

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