LAP-band Faux Pas—REMEDIED!

Ah!  My 3-week, post-op check-up is in the books!  I was so worried about how it would turn out. I mean…I messed up two weeks ago with that whole “do-an-adjustment-and-didn’t-really-need-one” thing. I have struggled for two weeks to eat only 1 cup of food at each meal, make sure I get all my protein (at least 60g a day) in and no more that 25g of carbs (yeah…didn’t do so well with that one). I’ve been hungry 2 hours after I eat…on the dot. No lie.  If I finished eating at 1:15p.m., by 3:15p.m, my stomach was screaming at me!

So…do you want to know what happened today?  You do? Good…because I was going to tell you anyway. LOL.   First, the nurse weighed me.  Down 2 pounds. Yay! I worried about gaining because I had been “eating too much”.  That puts me at an even 20 pounds (by the doctor’s scales) in just 5 weeks. Yep, on average, 4 pounds a week.

Then the doctor comes in. Of course, I have to relay and remind him of what has happened since January 25th, but that’s okay. My surgeon is a popular doctor and he can’t possibly remember all the details of all his patients.

For those of you who don’t know, the LAP-band reminds me of the zip ties I used to used to hang banners at radio events. It is attached around the top portion of the stomach to make a smaller pouch, thereby making one feel more full for a longer period of time, on a smaller amount of food. The restriction is controlled by adding or removing saline from the ring around the stomach or “the band”.  There’s a port placed just underneath my skin for the saline to be injected (to tighten) or removed (to loosen).

So, Doc numbs the area around the port and then grabs his syringe with the saline it. He starts with adding back 1 cc (which is what was removed at the time of my faux pas). I drank some water and it went down fine.  He added another .5 cc. Again, no problem with the water.  Might I remind you that the slightest bit of too much restriction will definitely be obvious very quickly?  Doc tried 2 cc of saline. I took a sip of water. Keep in mind that I am in no way ill at this juncture of my life. However, after about 10 seconds of sipping that water…oh! Doc must’ve seen the look on my face because he asked, “Is it coming back up?” I replied, “It might!”. He took the saline down by .5 cc. Within less than a minute, that “toss-my-cookies- feeling” left and I was fine.

Its a stranged sensation to know that you are well, have been sipping water fine and then all of a sudden…BAM!  It might not stay there.  It was also a weird sensation to feel the band tightening around the “stoma” as the saline was being added.

I’m just glad its over and I can move on. I’m on liquids today and tomorrow. So that will be fun. not.  On Friday, I’m going to try “mushies”.  I’ve been at my job for over 5 years and our Service Awards are Friday. I wonder what they are serving for lunch?  I wonder if I’ll be able to have any of it?  Maybe someone on the committee will share the menu with me so I can plan for a possible alternative. 🙂

Did I tell you?  I joined a weight loss challenge tonight at Snap Fitness!  I’m very excited about this. There are cash prizes! woo-hoo!

Ooops! Just drank my broth too fast…I now have the hiccups. Somebody scare me….quick!


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