LAP-band-1st fill yesterday, liquids today

Good afternoon Peeps!

As you know, yesterday was the first fill on my band. Therefore, I am on liquids all day today, returning to “mushies” tomorrow.

Let me preface what I’m about to write with…”I’m not complaining…just stating fact.”  🙂

My “meals” today have consisted of a protein shake made with unsweetened almond milk; a bottle of water; alargecup of beef broth; a half-bottle of water mixed with sugar-free Hawaiian punch mix; and 2 cups of sugar-free jello.

I’m hungry.

Again…not complaining. Just stating facts.

However, as I walked down the hallway just now, someone was heating left-over Chinese food in the microwave.  Oh my word! Who knew left-over Chinese food could smell so good?  PF Chang’s lettuce wraps….wait for me my friends!!  Hopefully I’ll be there soon!

I told one of friends here at work how beautiful her salad was.  What?    I’m an obsessed crazy, hungry lady today.  Is it weird to dream of 16 hours from now when I can have (maybe) a 1/2 cup of scrambled egg?

I think I’ll go get my protein shake out of the fridge, throw the mini-blender to it and pretend I’m making tomato bisque or something like that. Yeah…chocolate protein can taste like tomato bisque, right?


3 thoughts on “LAP-band-1st fill yesterday, liquids today

  1. kr8160311

    I found your post on the lapband band and followed your link here. Your so funny I love your post so far. I’m getting banded on the March 6th. Thanks for the laughs!!

    1. kr8160311

      the lap band board. sorry… Day 3 of pre-op liquid diet.. 😉 I so get beautiful salad. My son’s broccoli and cheese looked like a feast at dinner. I so get it!

      1. Congratulations on your surgery! I’m sorry I’m just now replying. I’m so bad about not getting to my blogs. I pray you are doing well so far! Let me know how its going. I’ll be posting another one in just a few minutes. God Bless!

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