LAP-band–2 weeks and 6 days post-op

Well Peeps….tomorrow is the day!  Its my 3-week post-op check-up. I cannot wait for 2:30p to get here tomorrow! Why?  Have you read my “LAP-band Faux Pas” post?  LOL!

I can get re-adjusted tomorrow…also known as a “fill”.  Even though I’ve only been eating a cup of food at a meal (WAAAAY less than I used to eat), I am already in the mindset that that is too much food!  I never thought I’d ever say that. ahh…ch-ch-ch-changes. 🙂

I have no idea if I’ve lost any weight these past two weeks.  Every scale I’ve stepped on has given me a different number. Therefore, I shall only “officially” go by the doctor’s digital scales. I’m praying I’ve lost, but either way I will report the results tomorrow…good or bad.  I mean, you guys are with me either way, right? RIGHT?!?  😉

Sorry…just a little anxious, excited, concerned, all of the above for this appointment tomorrow.  I will say, though, that even though I really can’t see much of a difference in the mirror, I get comments every day from my friends that they can already see a difference. Well…I’ll take it then!  I need every ounce of confidence boost I can get!

So, thanks again for letting me rant a little about this journey I’m taking. Thanks for making the journey with me.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how the check-up turns out.



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