LAP-band Journey

Well…here I am…on day 8 of my LAP-band journey. Last Wednesday, I started my pre-op diet: two high protein shakes, one meal with a meat protein and a 1/2 cup of vegetables, and all the water, broth and sugar-free jello I want!  I also had my pre-op bloodwork done…2 1/2 hours. I can’t blame the hospital though. I have small veins and they move. I also, was probably not properly hydrated. Have you have had blood drawn from your neck??  (Vampires need not answer.)  Its an experience. 🙂

Today, on the 8th day, I started my liquids only diet: 4 high protein shakes per day, and all the water, broth, sugar-free jello, etc that I want. That is, until Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I go to clear liquids only.

But…one week from today, the procedure will be done and I’ll be on the road to assisted weight-loss.

I’m sure a lot of people would wonder why I would have a foreign body inserted into my abdomen to lose weight. For the same reason people have their stomach by-passed or partially removed. I’ve tried all the traditional routes and my weight still yo-yos.   Even with a better diet and excercise, I have difficulty losing weight. So, I realized that I need help. I’m not the type of person that can go full-force all by myself. I know lots of people who have had amazing success with the LAP-band and some of the other procedures. My mom, for instance, had gastric bypass a couple of years ago. She looks amazing!  She is probably the smallest I’ve ever seen her!

I have a doctor with a great track record for successful surgeries and results from the surgeries.

And…most of all, I believe God allows advances like this procedure as a tool for people to help themselves.

I pray for your support as you read this. Its a big decision and one I did not make lightly or casually.

I plan to blog about this journey regularly. You may not be interested…but then again you might.  You might be one of the people considering this procedure…and if so, this blog may help you in your decision. I don’t know.  However, God gave me the ability to write, so I will write. and pray. and have faith.

God bless you!