God does not fail….but People do.

You know…ironing or taking a long shower are great ways to just empty your mind of worries and stressors. When I do either of those daily rituals, inevitably, my mind wanders to all sorts of things.  On many occasions, God has used these times to speak to me regarding my own life; prompted me to intercessory prayer for someone; or just revealed a basic truth about Himself or His people.

This morning it was the latter.

I was pondering a post I made on facebook about Jesus’ love.  His love is everlasting & meets you right where you are.  I really thought I’d get some comments and maybe even some questions. I prayed for someone to read it and want to receive Christ.  I was bothered by the fact that the post only garnered a couple of “likes”, and by people who’ve already accepted Christ.

Of course, as I meditated on this earlier today, God reminded me that, no matter what, a seed was planted in someone, somewhere.  He also reminded me that people hurt. They either administer the hurt or they receive the hurt.  So what does that have to do with today’s title?  Or even what I’ve written about so far?

Well, the Lord reminded me that one of the reasons people don’t accept Him or believe in Him, is that they’ve been hurt. A lot of them have been hurt by Christian people.  They start to think that if Christian people can hurt each other, what’s so great about this God they supposedly serve?

Well, I can understand that thought process.  I’m a Christian and I’ve been hurt by Church people. In all honesty, I’ve probably…no…I know…I’ve hurt others with my self absorbed thoughts and actions. I’m not excusing these actions, but I will say that PEOPLE fail. GOD does not.

To any of you who have ever been hurt by anything I’ve said or done, I just want to say I’M SORRY! I don’t mean to cause pain, distress or sadness. However, I’m human and I make mistakes. Sometimes (okay…a lot of times), my carnal earthly side of life takes over & I say or do things I shouldn’t.  I get convicted of that sin and I go to The Father and repent. I FAIL. Bottom Line. 

But just because I’ve failed (or anyone else for that matter), please don’t blame God. He does NOT fail. He is always a refuge and a respite.  He can be your courage and strength when you have none.  He IS love and He loves you!  He wants you to choose Him–but He won’t force you to.  He is always right on time–even when we don’t think He is. HE does not fail.

But we do. When a person becomes a Christian, there is no magic transformation that makes that person perfect in thought and deed.  That person is forgiven and has accepted a promise from Jesus. As long as we live on this earth though, we have that carnal man inside us  that we must battle…and sometimes we mess up and the carnal side has won. I believe it was Paul who said we must die daily to ourselves….killing that carnal man and allowing Christ to rule in our lives.  However, we don’t always do that.  So…on behalf of church people who (in their carnality) may have hurt you, I ask for your forgiveness.  I also pray that we will also do a better job of representing our Lord. In fact, we shouldn’t just be “representing” Him. We should be setting our carnal life aside and allowing Him to an expression through us.

I pray that if you haven’t given God a chance, that you will. If you tried before and some “church” person ruined it for you, try to look past him or here and into the Lord…because people fail…but GOD does not.