Fear isn’t always about being afraid…

Okay…the following doesn’t really go with my blog message today…not directly at least…but I feel led to post some lyrics from a song by Christian Artist, Carmen:

Fear not my child; I am with you always. I know every pain and every tear you’ve cried.

Fear not my child; I am with you always. I know how to care for what belongs to me.

I believe someone needed to hear that this morning.

Now…fear isn’t always being afraid…

As I was driving home last night, thinking over what I had written about fear, God reminded me that fear isn’t always about being afraid.  It isn’t always a lack of faith. Sometimes fear is the fullness of faith.

Wait a minute ChrissyLu…you’re contradicting yourself. 

I suppose it seems that way on the surface, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Another way to describe fear is “to revere in awe, respect, give honor.” With that being the case, we can fear something (revere, respect, honor it) without being afraid of it.

For example, I fear God–but I am not afraid of him.  In other words, I stand and look at Him in awe, revere His Holiness, honor His ultimate power; but I am not afraid of Him. I am not afraid to go to Him in prayer, or in the midst of my helplessness, or in the middle of my sin. In His awesomeness, He still meets me wherever I am, and lovingly wraps His arms around me, just as any good father would do and He deserves reverent fear from us.

In fact, let’s look at Fathers (and Mothers).  We learn to have a certain amount of respect for our parents just because they are our parents. When they are good at being parents, we inately know that, and our respect and honor grows.  We start to “fear” or revere them when we realize they know more than we do; they love us enough to sacrifice for and protect us.  That kind of love deserves a reverent fear for our parents.  Do you see how this can be the same kind of relationship we can have with our Heavenly Father?

On the flip side of that, I realize that  there are parents out there that create fear–actually being afraid–in their children.  That kind of fear can do all kinds of damage in a child…and I believe that, ultimately, that is a tool of the enemy to tear our families apart.   But, the fact remains that there is still our Heavenly Father to whom we can turn, and He will and can parent us when or if our earthly parents fail.  We just have to learn to trust Him (see previous blog “Fear? What Fear??”). 

So you see, fear doesn’t have to be bad; its all in what we are talking about. I can have a reverent fear of heights even.  I can look at a beautiful, tall structure and see it for its usefulness. I can see the beauty in the architecture, and I can even revere it in its awesomeness to be grander than, say, a doghouse.  I can respect the fact that if I stood at the top of the structure, I could probably see wondrous sights of the landscape before me.  However, I also respect the fact that could fall off the top and die.

So…there’s fear…and then there’s FEAR. 😉

I suppose that what I’m getting at is that, some fears are okay–you know your boundaries (i.e., not going to the very top of a tall structure). However, sometimes its good to push past those boundaries (or walls we’ve built) and find our faith….faith in something or rather someONE…who is bigger and great and more deserving to be reverently feard than we could have ever imagined.

That’s where this journey is taking me. I hope to see you at the end of the ride too.

Psalm 111:10
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.


4 thoughts on “Fear isn’t always about being afraid…

  1. Great insights. I’ve learned that being afraid of God means to be afraid to be around Him (like Adam was in the Garden of Eden) while the fear of the Lord means to fear being away from His presence (like David experienced after he sinned with Bathsheba). We need to grow in the fear of the Lord, while not being afraid of Him.

  2. Thank you “tytamasaka”. Love your insights as well. There is surely a difference in the two types of fear. There’s “scared” but then there’s “reverence”. God bless you and “Aloha”! 🙂

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